Tape Dispenser


The Tape Crew MK-1 Tape Dispenser is a portable tabletop tape dispenser designed to manage large and oversized rolls of tape from VHB double sided tapes through to thicker foam adhesive tapes. The tape is easily mounted and fed through non-stick rollers where it is then cut by a double bladed guillotine, shielded from fingers by the upper and lower brackets. The guillotine is sprung to return to an open position for safety and to ensure it's ready for use again in an instant. This solves the problem of having to awkwardly hold, unroll and cut high bond or cumbersome oversize tape rolls.

Not only does the tape dispenser save time, but it also makes cutting with precision easier. The dispenser can be directly mounted to a bench surface or transported easily using the carry handle and tape rolls can be removed and swapped out with ease.

For more information, visit embossingtapesupplies.com.au.

Design Features

  • Cuts a wide variety of VHB, double sided and foam tapes.
  • Sprung Guillotine minimises time between cuts.
  • Carry handle for easy transportation.
  • Easily tabletop mounted.