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Design Edge
What we do

Design Edge is an innovative industrial design consultancy located in Sydney, Australia providing real world product design solutions for clients in Australia and internationally.

We integrate market effective styling with clever engineering to maximise sales appeal & significantly reduce tooling, part and assembly costs.

Product Development

Design Edge has been developing innovative products for world markets for over 25 years.

Design Edge offers leading edge styling, clever product engineering and cost-effective development resulting in commercially successful designs.

As well as smart innovative design, we concentrate on quality engineering and product detailing to reduce number of parts, facilitate assembly, minimise production rejects and provide optimum strength, durability and problem free product use.

We provide comprehensive graphic design services for product branding, interface control, logos, labels, brochures and technical literature. We also have experience in environmental design including exhibitions, signage, displays and street furniture.

The Creative Team

Design Edge staff are qualified Industrial Designers, with university degrees and extensive knowledge, training and hands-on experience developing products in a broad range of industries.

We have combined experience across commercial, business, medical, scientific, industrial and consumer markets.

Projects are undertaken by flexible design teams for wide idea generation and to meet client deadlines.

Sandy Richardson Sandy Richardson

Company Owner/Director, Industrial Designer
Natasha Boyle Natasha Boyle

Industrial Designer
Robert Oliveira Robert Oliveira

Industrial Designer
Tim Herraman Tim Herraman

Industrial Designer
Matt Webster Matt Webster

Industrial Designer