Comfort Power Sockets


The Comfort power socket and switch range is designed for hospitals, aged care, disability group housing and other environments where ease of access and use is crucial. A key feature of the range is the large switch fascias which offer significant benefit to those with vision, mobility and other impairments. The switches are easily visible from across the room, easy to find and operate in emergency situations as well as require minimal force to operate with a positive action.

The product range not only offers functional benefits, but also incorporates safety shutter mechanisms which lock to prevent foreign metal object insertion. The product range caters for a huge variety of features from LED indication, dimmable switches through to medical compliant socket outlets for use in hospitals. The entire range also has a cohesive and sleek aesthetic that is versatile for use in modern environments.

In creating this product range, we made sure to maximise compatibility between components in order to reduce the amount of unique parts used and reduce overall production costs. The modular design also means that the range is customisable and can be modified easily to suit changing industry requirements.

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Major Design Features

  • Largest sized market available switches for ease of use.
  • AS/NZS3003 compliant large button socket outlets for Body and Cardiac protected areas.
  • Rock and lock shutter mechanism offering class leading safety.