Design Edge is a registered Research Service Provider (RSP). As an RSP we offer clients services and technical expertise in the research and development of new products. The Tax Incentive aims to help business offset the cost of R&D and innovation.

Product Design Service

Design Edge registration number is 45726. For more information on R&D Tax Concession and R&D Tax Credit programs go to

  • Idea Assessment
    Design Idea

    Getting started can be a major issue for those that are new to the product development process. We apply our experience in assessing feasibility, IP issues and planning for the best option to bring a new product to market.

    • Product Feasibility
    • IP (Intellectual Property) Assessment
    • Strategic Planning
    • Commercialisation Options
    • Funding Options

  • Industrial Design

    Our core activity is industrial design where we use creativity with the latest development techniques. Our collaborative team approach to projects ensures the best possible outcomes.

    • Brief Definition
    • Creative Concepts
    • Product Design
    • Styling
    • Research & Development
    • Design Detailing
    • Sustainable Design
    • Ergonomic Analysis
    • Product Positioning
    • Branding & Identity
    • Trends Analysis
    • Market Research
    Industrial Design

  • Engineering
    Product Engineering

    It is imperative to get the engineering details right for product success. Material and manufacturing process selection, clever detailing, parts reduction and design for assembly speed contribute to profitability.

    • Value Engineering
    • Engineering detailing
    • Manufacturing Specifications
    • Prototypes, Models & Test Rigs
    • Performance Testing
    • Product Implementation
    • Statutory Approvals

  • Manufacturing

    We have extensive experience in organizing and dealing with product manufacture both locally and offshore. With the continuing trend in globalisation, companies are forced to manufacture products to particular price points. We can provide recommendations about Chinese and Indian manufacturers or organize and control complete product manufacture.

    • Co-ordination and Liaison
    • Local manufacturing
    • Low cost Chinese manufacturing
    • Low cost Indian manufacturing
    • Component sourcing
    • Design and supply
    • Small & large production runs
    • Project management
    • Tooling management
    Product manufacturing

Our Process

Product diagram 1

01. Problem Definition

Design Brief- An accurate product brief minimises development costs and lead time to implementation. The brief provides an opportunity to insure project fit into an overall business strategy.

02. Creative Design

Creative Design - Concepts explore features, structure, form and appearance to create a unique design. Sufficient detail is defined to ensure that concept ideas can be realised effectively.

Design Development-Favoured ideas are integrated into one design with resolution of all engineering details.

03. Prototype & Finalisation

Prototype / Test Rigs - Functional prototypes, test rigs or non-working visual models are made to prove the design. Prototypes are evaluated against the Design Brief and assessed by your marketing team.

Final Specifications - Depending on the assessment and/or testing of prototypes, some design details may need to be tuned before issuing final manufacturing specifications.

04. Implementation

Manufacturing - We recommend toolmakers, manufacturers, part suppliers or other sub-contractors as needed. We obtain quotations, liaise with suppliers, and generally oversee the product into production. Design Edge also offers a design and supply service where we organise and take responsibility for both the design and production. We oversee manufacture and deliver finished products on time.

Product diagram 2

    Expert Witness and Advisory Services

    In addition to industrial design and manufacturing services, we also provide expert witness services and expert advice for design and engineering cases of varied backgrounds. We have provided services on numerous IP-related litigation matters conducting various activities.

    • Assessing mechanical patents and claims
    • Design Registration Assessment
    • Providing guidance on patent infringement matters
    • Assessment of “fit for purpose” for insurance liability
    • Assessment of shape and configuration
    • Preparing reports and affidavits
    expert witness services