Safetape is a smart safety barrier system that protects workers in difficult industrial environments. Using cloud-based connectivity, Safetape monitors defined exclusion zones and communicates spatial infringement to warn staff and management and shut down dynamic equipment until the trigger cause is explored and reset. Initially developed for ship loading and unloading of containers where on board perimeter control is problematic, the Safetape system has applications in other industries such as rail, mining and processing plants.

Multiple Safetape modules are used to define the zone perimeter. Modules include discriminating proximity sensors to trigger system alarm coupled with a proprietary mesh network with in-built redundancy to ensure important messages have multiple pathways.

Design Edge was involved in the industrial design development including aesthetics, modular construction system, moulded housings details including module to module automatic electrical connectivity, PCB mounting and warning light lens arrangement.

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Design Features

  • Modular elements include bayonet assembly (with automatic connectivity) to allow easy configuration of required product features.
  • Spring loaded safety tape extends from tape module
  • Optional magnetic mounting for fast set-up on ships and industrial equipment
  • Wireless communication, cloud enabled