Hightail Hair


Hightail is an innovative helmet accessory that effortlessly keeps hair tangle-free during and after a ride. It features a fabric pocket to allow the user to quickly and easily tuck away and protect long hair. The fabric pocket is supported by a flexible plastic injection moulded spine, and attached to the helmet using a pair of helmet mounting clips. Design Edge developed the design concept, aesthetics and helmet compatibility system for Hightail, and detailed the flexible injection moulded spine and helmet mounting clips for production.

Hightail Hair protectors can be purchased at www.hightailhair.com

Design Features

  • Sleek and refined aesthetic to complement the helmet
  • Compatible with a wide range of helmet shapes and sizes
  • Easy installation onto helmets using a pair of helmet mounting clips
  • Spare helmet mounting clips can be purchased when using Hightail on multiple helmets