Working With Emerging Technologies

Design company, Photo by Scott Graham on Unsplash

Developing new products is being challenged by the rapid change in technology. A good example of this is the introduction of USB C connectors and smart charging into recharging devices and data transfer. In addition, there is the need to provide mobile connectivity in airports, shopping centres, waiting rooms, cafes and numerous other public spaces. Design Edge has been involved with a new cartridge type charger outlet that can be used in a wide variety of our client’s products.

The TUF A+C is a USB Type A & C charger outlet has enhanced fast charging with the new USB technology while still catering for devices with a legacy type A connector. TUF A+C is designed to be replaced, making it perfect for high traffic public environments as the unit core can be quickly substituted if damaged. A custom tool (provided with the product) the cartridge enables quick removal and replacement. The system is tamper proof, safe and secure while providing fast replacement or upgrade. This task can be performed without the need for specialised personnel such as an electrician.

Key Features

  • 5A (25W) maximum output
  • Intelligent device recognition
  • Quick replacement with special tool
  • Clever cartridge design
  • Independently tested to IEC & IL 60950-1

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