The Importance of Market Analysis

Design company, Photo by Scott Graham on Unsplash

The most crucial difference between a successful business and failed business is their understanding about the lifecycle of a product. A company needs to understand that every product has a limited lifespan and this is the reason that it should invest in new product dproceevelopment. This understanding is not only necessary for the growth of the company but also for its survival.

The early stage of developing a new product is one of the pivotal stages of the whole development procedure that builds the foundation of its journey. Effective analysis helps businesses to create a strong base in determining the length of a product’s lifespan and also leads to its success.

Analysing the Market

A strength of any new product that helps it to survive in even the most competitive market is its consumer friendliness. When you are developing a new product, the first rule of the thumb is to understand the market needs and consumer requirements. There is no end to human demand and working on this concept consumer face new challenges and will need solutions to those new issues.

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A thorough analysis of the market will give a detailed insight of how your new product development needs to progress and also determines its direction. When you design a product with the consumer in mind, it has a better chance of getting accepted by them.

Understanding Four Marketing Pillars and SWOT Analysis

As introducing a new product or services is critical to productivity and survival of the business, SWOT analysis (strength, weakness, opportunities, and threats) becomes a compulsory step. To conduct SWOT analysis, you need to understand four pillars of marketing.

  • Product
  • Price
  • Promotion
  • Place of sale

Apart from understanding these pillars, you will also need to examine the strength, weakness, opportunities, and threats (Shortened to SWOT) of the product. With SWOT analysis, companies can reduce the risk. The analysis also allows companies to use their resources in the most optimal way possible.

As discussed earlier, if a product is designed to satisfy the needs and demand of the target market, it works in its favour. Meeting demands of the customers is a strength that transcends into becoming a unique selling point and producing benefits for the company.

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Competitive prices, value, features, customer service, and availability are the strengths that a new product must have. A company should also focus on analysing the weaknesses of the product rather than focusing only on the strength. Leaving weakness aside will give your competitors a chance to bring down your product.

The scope of a new product getting discovered and favoured by enthusiastic customers is very high. If a company has analysed the market well and created the right type of hype in the market, they can reap a lot of benefits. Thus, a company should analyse their opportunities well.

Competition can be the biggest threats that can hinder the path of a new product. A company can overcome this threat by being flexible in their development process and having back up plan. With pricing on point and robust promotion and distribution channels, companies can launch a successful product.