Product Development - The Journey: Idea to Market Launch

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Whether you are a budding entrepreneur or global player, when ideating a new product, it always becomes tough from having the idea to launching the product in the marketplace. Many seasoned professional individuals with a huge portfolio of items baffle a lot when it comes to the launching preparation. The launching isn’t just the only thing to worry about but there are a lot of preliminary things such as – is your product worthy or not?, how many competitors are already out there with the similar product?, what should be the USP of your product? etc.

The product development and design specialists share their experiences and their recommendation while and before launching a product in their business or in a completely new marketplace. The variety of tips and professional insights helps your business product grow more readily.

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Though the journey of ideating a product and getting it to the market is stressful and expensive that but at the end of the day, it is rewarding as well. Here are some quick and easy methods to measure the success of your freshly brewed product.

Design Thinking

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Defining The Product

This point isn’t just defining the description of your product but its true capabilities. How do you think that your product will solve any problem or bring any change to the current situation? Spending a heck of the world on a product which is not even necessary can be labelled a failure. Check out the quintessential questions that you may want to ask yourself before starting any procedure related to your product:

  • Do you know the targeted audience of your product?
  • What are the significant or primary capabilities of your product?
  • Who are your product’s competitors? What are their statuses in the marketplace?
  • Are there any regulatory issues related to your product that you shouldn’t ignore?

If you have answers to these questions and your product is also vehemently fulfilling all the demands among the audience, you can move on to Research and Development.

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This is the most important step which shapes your product and polishes it to the finest one. This determines the USP of the product and thus, R&D should be carried out properly with all proven facts.

    Your R&D will include:

  • Review the market data
  • Review other similar innovations
  • Revenue earned by similar products in the marketplace
  • Challenges that you may face.


Is your product is the first of its kind or there is another similar kind of products as well? In the former case, you need in-depth research and strategy to position it in the marketplace. This will also include the introduction of the product among the targeted audience. If it has competitors, define the USP of the product.

Leading The Development Of The Product

This is the stage when you have to think about the workforce and capability necessary for the product development. Check the pointers like budget, the field of the team that will be better to outsource, due time and etc.

Building A Prototype

While your team reinforces to craft your product through various tests and application of materials, you can measure its effectiveness on:

  • Price
  • Performance
  • Functionality
  • User experience (UX)
  • Design appeal
  • Quality
  • Reliability

Validating The Product

After the completion of each stage, run a test through each stage of the development process. The customers’ demands are vulnerable and it is not constant. Thus, you need to run a constant feedback from a group of audience to understand their interest and requirements.

Marketing Planning

A marketing strategy, planning and budget setting are a must that directly encourages sales. From affiliate marketing to placing paid Ads on social media platforms, online and offline positioning with a creative mind is very essential.