Most Popular Design Methods

Design company, Photo by Scott Graham on Unsplash

Latest solutions, capabilities and updates make product design more interesting and continuously evolving. Keeping a close eye to the new trends of product design help engineers to enhance new technologies including additive manufacturing, improving collaboration and product-development process.

In this era of evolution, one surely cannot afford to miss the four most popular product design methods:

Digital Twin & Digital Thread

In 2019, digital twin and digital thread have seen a lot of professional twists and usages on practical levels. The combination of ‘digital twin’ and ‘digital thread’ has improved the complete digital record of product design. Both of them have been proven methods to leverage the style of product design and as per all legal and security regulations and requirements while serving optimum efficiency and serviceability.

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With digital threads, the engineers now can discover the information that had barred the growth of product manufacturing. Now, they can know the most useful and applied features and functions of a product that are being actually and currently used and trending among the customers.

Combining The Art Of Manufacturing & Engineering

The manufacturing units or companies have realized that manufacturing and engineering units were working on parallel lines which had somewhat affected the TAT of product-production and amount of manufacturing as well.

The best solution has been to pass the information by the engineers to the manufacturing unit and till the designs are finalized, the engineering team can pass on the changes that will be more effective and beneficial for the product. In this way, both teams can easily cut off the delays due to long waits by the manufacturing unit and can focus on automated manufacturing process planning.

The advantages of such process are;

  • Receiving most updated product information
  • Decreasing turn-around time
  • Reducing manufacturing and production costs

Augmented Reality World

Designers always look forward to finding an easy or newer approach to take a stand on their view. In the current era, Augmented Reality or AR has become the new sensational tool in product design’s world. From 2D drawings to 3D CAD models, designers have taken a new leap to a more natural and easy way to interact with the product – AR.

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Not only AR provides exceptional realistic context to a product and/or data, but the technology also provides the ability to compare the configurations of the product easily.

With a realistic view or real life view settings, AR has become a new way to promote new-product options or suggestions of the existing products.

Additive Manufacturing

Since a decade or a few years, 3D-printing technology has seen a huge hype in the industrial world. Also known as Additive Manufacturing, this technology trend has several tangible benefits which also include cost-efficient mass customization of several consumer products.

Massive evolution has been seen in the medical industry such as dental implants, hearing aids and etc. The traditional methods were very time consuming and expensive with demand for the requirement of the huge workforce as well.

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Due to visible advantages throughout the industry, additive manufacturing has become the optimal production technology in current time. The benefits of additive manufacturing have eradicated issues like:

  • Low-volume production during initial product period of the product
  • Hard to manufacture replicas of source spare parts
  • Distribution and manufacturing at the local level through emerging markets