How to Choose the Right Product Design Company

Design company, Photo by Scott Graham on Unsplash

In today’s time, we have seen a huge rise in inventors and start-up business who have used the services of a design company, and yet they have not been able to take their idea any further than a pretty drawing. When the clients approach us, having become disappointed with other agencies, we often have to start again from scratch to turn their idea into a product that will satisfy, sell and make business.

The Importance of Market Analysis

Times have changed if compared to the past. People didn’t understand the concept and design companies were few, clients who understood product design and needed external services, and we stayed with them on the journey as products made their way into consumers hands. Nowadays we have like Dragon’s Den, Kickstarter and Crowd Cube, and it is easier than it has ever been for anyone to turn an idle idea into a reality. The main problem is that having an idea is the easy bit but molding that idea into a technically possible and commercially viable product is actually very difficult. So in this crowdfunding age, we are seeing designs from some companies which are either technically not possible or commercially not viable- or at worst, both.

Product Design Trends 2018

Here are some tips which will help you to choose a reliable product design companies:

Company Case Studies
When you are choosing a product design company make sure they have a track record in taking a product to market. Not just drawing it, but living with their product and standing by their clients as it rolls off the production line. If anyhow, you see a lot of computer drawings but no final products and no client’s testimonials then you should.

Don’t limit yourself to a category
If it is appropriate the think about the demands of your category. For example – baby products obviously require more testing and certification than an ordinary household product. We see ideas which we know, with one glance, would fail a test house review.

Companies Knowledge of route to market in particular sector
For example take toys- we have designed and invented toys for 15 years, and we know that a toy needs to sell in mass market for 10 dollars, then we cannot design something that is going to cost more than, at the most, 2 dollars to make.

Have the design company walked the manufacturing lines
This one is the most important point. The theory of this point is if you can’t make it, you can’t sell it. The theory is great but does your design partner have experience of several different production methods? And do they understand materials, and work with people who make things? They need to understand how to manufacture for the market.

Do you think it will be fun working with your designer?
The product development is very tough to get right, and you have to invest heavily prior to getting a return. The exciting part of development sees the new opportunities which arise, but problems have to be overcome daily. Ideally, you need to approach the process positively and feel confident that your development partner will be there for you and always come to you with solutions.

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Keep the above points in mind when looking for a design company to collaborate with you. Beginning with sub-standard design will only be a waste of your time and money: don’t be afraid to be clear about what you want.