Beating The Competition: How to Approach Developing Your New Product

Design company, Photo by Scott Graham on Unsplash

Every new product has to go though many tests before being launched in the market. It has to pass a number of procedures prior hitting the market. The success of a new product depends on certain factors. Business operating in a saturated niche face a problem of delivering a new product that is unique and also beats down the competition.

One innovative idea is a foundation of a new or improved product that you want to launch into the market. In case, a similar product is launched by a competitor before or during your development process, it adds to already complex process of developing a product. Here are some points that will help you get ahead of the competition.

Evaluating Your Innovative Idea

Everyone generate ideas on an everyday basis. It happens that sometimes a bright idea about or initial discovery about a product strikes in the mind of the new product developers but it might not always be innovative. Coming up with new ideas and most importantly innovative ideas is crucial for the success of the business.

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It is important to conduct a test to check whether your new innovative idea is going to be a success of not. It can be tested on two factors. They are:

  • Acceptance in the marketplace
  • Edge over competition

Going into details of having an edge over competition, any new product or product improvement should facilitate cost saving, market capture, productivity, etc. Technical feasibility, market demand, efficient planning, capturing the wants of competitors, competitive pricing, and excellent commercialisation are some factors that contribute to the success of the product.

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With an exemplary design, innovative ideas not only reach the marketplace but also get accepted easily. Design plays an important role in successful commercialisation of your products. When it comes to the design of a new product, a good design is the one that matches the requirements of the market to the perfection. It should not focus on enhancing profits rather it should focus on touching customers and satisfying them.


After the generation of the idea and designing of the new product, the process of development comes into play. To keep ahead of the competition, a business needs to let go of the rigidity and acquire a more flexible outlook to this process. The development process is more of a test and finds the procedure. During the whole process, there are many shortcomings that surface or enhancements that come into the spotlight. This is the reason that managers should be more flexible about the whole process.

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Commercialisation might sound tricky. But if you have researched the market well and identified the needs of the market, most of your work is done. With a well-assessed new product to launch, a business can excel the commercialisation part very well.

These are some points that a business needs to concentrate on to get a competitive edge with its new product. By being more aware of what they ae doing and for whom they are doing it for, a business can attain success which they wish to achieve.