Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Design company, Photo by Scott Graham on Unsplash

The world is already shifting towards the dawn of a new world along with artificial intelligence. At the brink of shifting with artificial intelligence, the transformation of product and machine design is also vital.

The artificial intelligence is a diversified topic with General AI (GAI) and Applied AI (AAI). There is a sheer difference between both of them:

GAI – This machine intelligence performs the intellectual task as a human.

AAI – This intelligence functions machine learning and predictive analysis. It runs on the program that can learn and adapt.

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AI is transforming the industrial product design process but we also need to understand the variation between the capacity for computational machines to support applied artificial intelligence & design and the capacity for general artificial intelligence or computational machines.

This critical distinction made each one of them superior and functioning in the marketplace. But now today, the technology is getting closer to GAI.

Quintessential Role Of Artificial Intelligence In Product Design

Applied artificial intelligence has spread into the realm of consumer products, manufacturing, finance, management, and drugs production & medicinal industry. The widespread role of AI techniques in product engineering and industrial designing is quite huge and fast-growing. AI has also brought a revolutionary change in the research area in the respective fields. AI has also depicted some major issues in product engineering which are the following:

  • Shorter product life cycles
  • Expectations in this highly competitive global business place
  • Rapidly changing customer needs

The applied artificial intelligence has heightened the excellence and need for product engineering and its efficiency. It is putting a great deal of the improvement of current products and the development & designing of future products.

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AI is a new tool that benefits the designers with computer-aided drafting software. Artificial intelligence technique also helps to optimize designs for any objects and thus provides a revolutionary benefit in industrial designing. The AI also creates dozens of similar or newly ideated designs of the products within the stipulated time limit, fitted with optimal efficiencies.

In nutshell, the AI eradicates the iteration from the design process and the same can be introduced to the design and industrial engineering business.

There are some limitations as well such as – the AI requires a single objective function for evaluating performance; whereas in most of the application, multiple criteria are used to evaluate the quality of a design.

AI machines in manufacturing businesses deliver a high, consistent level of production without any error and interruption. These benefits improve the cost efficiency and clear the demanding potentials for many companies. The AI tasks can free up any humans labour while contributing is not yet ready to 100% error free task deliverance.