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Design Edge

New Product Development Services - what we offer

Design Edge is a registered and one of the leading new product development and assessment service providers in Sydney, Australia. With our extensive experience and sharp skills, we help our clients throughout the process of new product development. We make dedicated efforts to make our clients design and introduce new products that are both successful and profitable.

Product Design Service

  • New Product Assessment
    Design Idea

      To be successful with new products, businesses need to assess everything beforehand. We help businesses in assessing the feasibility of their new products by applying the knowledge that we have earned through our extensive experience. Here is what we offer:

    • Market research
    • Identifying market needs
    • Testing market reach
    • Testing competitiveness
    • Testing profitability
    • Identifying issues
    • Efficient strategy & planning
  • New Product Development

    Bringing a new product to the marketplace is not an easy task. We help businesses throughout the process of new product development to match up with changing preference of consumers or to introduce an innovative product to the market for the first time. Here is what we bring to the table:

    • Market analysis
    • Evaluation of risk & funding
    • Effective & strategic planning
    • Identification and/or elimination of issues
    • Generating innovative ideas
    • Concept development & testing
    • Designing &styling
    • Development & commercialisation
    • Sustainable Design
    • Ergonomic Analysis
    • Product Positioning
    • Branding & Identity
    • Trends Analysis
    • Market Research

Our Process

Product diagram 1

01. Market Assessment

We analyse the marketplace to test the demand and need for the new product. By identifying the actual needs and expectation of the consumers, we assess the feasibility of the new product. From market preference to future issues, we assess every aspect involved in introducing a new product.

02. Designing & Testing

After identification of the market needs, we develop the concept and incorporate innovative ideas of the business. The product is effectively designed and strategically planned to overcome any competition and issues making it reach a wider consumer base. The concepts are then tested thoroughly to ensure profitability and success.


03. Finalisation & Development

Once the concept has been explored, the details and goals are defined. The final features and specification of the product after the assessment goes to development. This is the phase where the final tuning is done before finalising the manufacturing specifications.

Final Specifications - Depending on the assessment and/or testing of prototypes, some design details may need to be tuned before issuing final manufacturing specifications.

04. Implementation

With years of experience, knowledge and skills, Design Edge helps through the process of implementation and commercialisation by recommending manufacturers, suppliers and other contractors. We support you through the whole procedure of new product assessment and development. Our motto is to deliver quality service on time. We are more than just new product development consultants, we are your creative partners.

Product diagram 2