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We focus on adding the design 'edge' - innovation & creativity, high quality design aesthetics, increased product profit, reduced tooling & manufacturing costs, rapid speed to market & maximum end-user satisfaction.

New Product Development Mistakes Every Business Should Avoid

When a business is planning a new product launch, it is very easy to go wrong with the designing process. This mainly because businesses often get hyped up about the introducing a new product to the market and miss out some important new product development factors that they need to consider.  This haste proves to be costly when they face failure with their new product.

Going Minimalistic with New Product Development

Going Minimalistic with New Product Development: Streamline Your Offerings

In past few years “going minimal” has evolved to be a trend in various sectors, from fashion to manufacturing and everything in between. This trend has laid its impact on product development procedure as well. In 2017, it was seen that customers are more likely to reject your product if it has a complicated list of offerings.


Launch Your New Product Faster than You can Imagine

   If you have ever had a plan of launching your new product or upgrade your existing product, you consuming and confusing things can get. Many brands and manufacturing companies dread the procedure known as “New Product Development”. Taking a concept and taking it all the way to the launch is not a piece of cake.

Are You Killing Your New Product with Wrong Road Mapping?

Are You Killing Your New Product with Wrong Road Mapping?

Whether you agree or not, road maps are vital when it comes to new product development. A road map not only helps in the successful development of a new product but also defines its growth. Building an accurate roadmap for a new product is not an easy task and many companies fail in making an effective roadmap.

Product Development Trends in 2017

Product Development Trends in 2017

New product development is not an easy task. To take your concept all the way through the process of development to a successful launch, you need to put in Herculean efforts. And as if that was not enough, product development team is under the constant pressure to develop the product faster without compromising on quality.  They also have to keep profitability and total cost in mind.