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We focus on adding the design 'edge' - innovation & creativity, high quality design aesthetics, increased product profit, reduced tooling & manufacturing costs, rapid speed to market & maximum end-user satisfaction.
Swot Analysis

Use Swot Analysis to Enhance Your New Product Offerings

The most crucial difference between a successful business and failed business is their understanding about the lifecycle of a product. A company needs to understand that every product has a limited lifespan and this is the reason that it should invest in new product dproceevelopment. This understanding is not only necessary for the growth of the company but also for its survival.

New Product Development Process

Understanding the Process of New Product Development

It is not a secret that any step involved in the process of new product development and its life cycle is important. When the products are in its embryonic stage i.e. generation and evaluation of ideas, it can be categorised into different segments.

New Product Development Myths

New Product Development Myths That You Need Get Over With

New product development is not a simple task. While putting up this complex procedure, most new product developers struggle with three things – time, budget and ideas. The company planning to launch a new product in the market might get stuck in these struggles and might feel that there are never enough resources to complete what they have begun.


New Product Development: Prioritise You Steps with a Checklist

Whether you are thinking of new business opportunity or evaluating the opportunities your new product has in the market, you need to strategic assessment mechanism. When it comes to new product offerings, the business world is filled with SWOT analysis techniques.  This is very helpful when you are evaluating a new product against overall business goals, business strategy, and competition in the market. With these instruments in play, it is easy to overcome risk in new products, features, acquisitions, new business divisions or wherever they are deployed.

Why Do New Products Fail

Why Do New Products Fail and How to Avoid It

Change is the inevitable truth. This statement not only true for life in general but also in the business world. The demand of customers changes with time making room for new products and ideas to take over the market. This is how the market evolves and matures. A business striving to survive must provide solutions that the customers are looking for. They must analyse the market and introduce new products into the market to survive and earn a profit.